A guy like most others, but like nothing you’ve met before.

My First Lessons

My first attempt creating my own economy was at the age of 6. I sold marbles at school during class and during breaks and when ever the opportunity presented itself = “top-up” money and tuck-shop money, whoohoo!. Buy Low, Sell High and a Short and Predictable Supply chain.

The bug of business bit me hard and I still love every moment strategising troubled businesses or helping a startup with positioning and pricing structures. What can I say? I Love the Art of Business.


Many call me a computer geek, because I can write and read code. Others call me a strategic genius. I am a problem solver. I find ways to make things run faster and smoother or bigger.

I am a passionate person who calls myself a runner, I love running, and I’m really good at some aspects of business. And I’m very blessed that I can design, code and sell, while I’m not to bad at marketing either. *wink

I’m Albert van Zyl. An Adrenalin Junkie, a Geek and an Instigator.

Karen, the love of my life have one rule – Have Fun! As long as you are willing to face the possible consequences, go for it and have fun.

Great life advice. Awesome business advice.

Your business and business relationships will make you millions if you have fun while you solve their problems.
Fun = Passion. People buy Passion.

I am passionate about building structures that ensure growth and allows for more freedom. Freedom is really important to me and all the business that we build ensure owner and founder freedom of movement, financial freedom and freedom of choice and actions.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of you first, your health, your relationships and then your wealth.

One of my favorite visualisations: you cant’t pour from an empty cup. I believe part of keeping your cup strong and full is to have fun doing your thing. That is the first goal, second is to be grateful for your relationships and to value them.

When you combine this, I truly believe wealth and then freedom will follow.


I was fortunate enough to be taught the magic of “Intentional Congruence” and all our businesses employ the Intentional Congruence model and it works great. Part of the magic I teach is Intentional Congruence.

Karmak Creativ

Karmak Creativ is where an absolute bunch of crazy geniuses having fun with code while producing beautiful websites and landing pages while our designers create awesome logos and our skillful content creators write conversion based material to read for hours on end.

Karmak Creativ also helps you with hosting and emails while they look after your website security and content updates for quality SEO rankings. They have great website support and design packages to suit most small business and corporates alike.

Karmak Creativ serves the whole of South Africa with their bouquet of services.


Conversion Based Websites
Landing Page Design
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Paid Advertising Management


Startup Businesses



The missing link in Quality Lead Generation Services. SnappSales was born to fill the need for quality sales leads and face-to-face appointments.

Any business relies on sales, and to sell, you need leads.

SnappSales uses traditional channels with a very unique and innovative approach combined with real sales and sales cycle experience to create the perfect outsourced sales and marketing partner to help you find that perfect sales leads for your business.

SnappSales prefer to help complex and solution based sales cycle business that operate in the B2B Services channel, they also service most service and product companies.


Conversational Appointment Setting
B2B and B2C Lead Generation
Lead Nurturing and Scoring
Scheduled Email Marketing
Branding and Brand Exposure


Information Technology
Software Development
Change Management
Financial Services
Consulting Services


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VA Connect

VA Connect is an International VA Agency operating in South Africa, United Kingdom and the USA. VA Connect is a strong alternative for Virtual Assistant needs from around the globe. We have highly skilled professionals with Executive backgrounds, a high work ethic and native English speaking.

This venture started back in 2008 when the founder Karen Wessels spotted an international opportunity with the ease and accessibility of the South African infrastructure and Virtual Assistant quality with the international benefit of the exchange rate which drives huge value to the quality of work received from VA Connect vs the money spent on your VA.

We have learned a lot, and today we have a flagship agency which provides much needed support to small businesses and entrepreneurs globally.


Outsourced Admin Tasks
Research (Competition, Product etc.)
Social Media Management
Transcribing Audios
General Office Support


Startup Businesses
Small Businesses
Entrepreneurs / Serial Entrepreneurs
Owner Ran Businesses
Corporate Support


I was fortunate enough to start my journey at a very young age, selling marbles and magazine posters at school. Later on I started producing key chains and employing friends to sell them for me. The ventures never stopped, and grew in size and ambition.

In my final year of high school (late ’90’s) I was the proud director of our Cities biggest IT Company. We had a HUGE shop, 40 computers doing Adult computer training courses at night, 10pm – 3am Computer LAN Gaming and Internet Cafe, and during Office hours we did Computer sales, webdesign and development and custom projects for clients throughout the district.

We had a shop that produced revenue 20 hours per day, I was barely 18 and I was coining it.

A Tsunami of lessons followed as my business nose dived beyond saving, loosing everything. – Lessons Son!

I’ve learned so many valuable business lessons from that day and the many more fails in my journey to follow, combining that with the hundreds of hours of coaching and mentoring, allowed me to develop a unique sense of business, and best of all, scaling businesses.

How can I help?


If you feel a bit stuck in your business, and want a fresh, out-of-the-box outsiders in, look at your business, or feel you struggle to take your product or service to market or heck, even SEO. Let’s Chat.

Sales Workshops

I don’t motivate sales people. I just get them to think different about sales, and the roles they are in. I can help them to overcome the slums and have a more predictable funnel and more predictable sales.

Business ResQ

If your business is in trouble and you DO NOT WANT TO LOOSE IT, contact me. We can structure a deal and get your business a quick shake up and new energy and ResQ your baby. We have tons of skills and magic sauce to miracles.

“I love business, the art of business. I love challenges and most of all I love it when we can save a failing business or startup. I am passionate about making businesses grow, it get my juices going.”

Albert van Zyl, Dad, Hubby, and Serial Entrepreneur nerd.


Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor and Coach, Nerd, Geek, Runner, Blues Lover and Foodie.

"What we do for ourselves dies with us - what we do for others remains and is immortal" Albert Pike